Songs XI

Songs XI 

2016’s first edition of the Songs that I have been listening to includes a variety of different artists and bands across a plethora of musical genres. This edition includes; Taylor Swift, Sigala, Coldplay, Fleur East, Daughtry, Sam Hunt, Catherine McGrath, Against the Current, Chase and Status and Ellie Goulding.

Taylor Swift Acoustic | Wildest Dreams 
On September 30, 2015, Taylor Swift celebrated her attendance record-breaking exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum, with an intimate performance at the Clive Davis Theater. One of my favourite songs from the 1989 album, and this acoustic version may even be better than the studio album version. Taylor also performed other songs while at the GRAMMY Museum, my other favourite being Blank Space.

Sigala | Sweet Lovin’ 
One of my favourite songs to dance to at the moment, after his number 1 hit Easy Love earlier in 2015, Sigala released this brilliant follow up in December and it reached number 3 in the charts, but its sure to have some staying power throughout 2016 and to be played at all the holiday islands in the summer.

Fleur East | Sax 
Runner-up in the X Factor 2015, Fleur has released this upbeat and catchy song that has been used in a number of adverts, on Strictly Come Dancing as well as numerous plays on the radio stations. Sax, has a very catchy chorus which I think, everybody in the UK knows now given the amount of coverage this song has received.

Coldplay | Everglow (live) 
Renowned for their incredible live performances, Coldplay do not disappoint at Belasco Theater. Everglow is probably my favourite song off their new album, and this rendition is fantastic.

Daughtry | No Surprise 
I have been in Daughtry sort of mood lately. I’ve played and replayed plenty of their songs but No Surprise is the one I chose to include in this list as it is a belter! Other ones you might like to check out are; Traffic Light, Learn my Lesson, Losing my Mind, High Above the Ground, Gone Too Soon, Rescue Me and Louder Than Ever.

Sam Hunt | Take Your Time 
Though this song has been out for quite a while in The States, I have only just discovered this one while listening to BBC Radio Two (Mum’s favourite radio station). I quit like the way Sam switches the way he sings throughout the song.

Catherine McGrath | Out of the Woods (TS Cover)
One of my favourite cover artists on YouTube. Catherine’s latest cover is of Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods, and she absolutely nails it. Be sure to check out her other covers!

Against the Current | Water Under The Bridge (Adele Cover)
Another one of my favourites that have emerged from YouTube. The band began by doing covers but now have wrote and performed their own music, leading to a World Tour as well as being played on radio stations across the globe, including the UK’s Radio One! Here is a return to a cover song, this time Adele’s Water Under The Bridge, and they certainly do the song justice and bring their own style with it too.

my_collage (47)

Chase and Status ft Plan B | End Credits 
Some of my friends are fans of Chase and Status, and this is the song that has rubbed off on me the most. This is a favourite of ours when driving through the dark countryside on the way home from the pub quiz. This song and the bass sound system makes for an incredible experience.

Ellie Goulding | Army
Ellie has one of the most unique singing voices in the world, and it is instantly recognisable. Although I am not a fan of her live performances, as her voice seems to suit studio recording, and her wavering voice (how do you describe her voice?) seems to not suit a live performance too well. However, her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was one of the best vocal performances she has done for a while. How many times did I mention ‘performance’ just now?!


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