First 2016 Post!

First Post of 2016- Share Your Post With Me Too

Sorry I have been conspicuously absent from blogging over the Christmas and New Year period. Family, friends, birthdays, food, a university assignment and a hangover have gotten in the way of any blogging I am afraid. I thought I would start 2016 with a catch up post and combining it with an awards post. So thank you Nishita! Check out her blog. πŸ™‚

Also, could you share some of your posts that you would think I’d like to see, and everyone else for that matter, as I follow a lot of people and it may be lost in the vast amount of posts that have been posted in my absence.

my_collage (39)

Me and my friends went to the pub shortly before Christmas Day and we won the Christmas Quiz! We have been doing better the last few months and we are consistently winning more and more bar tabs, though I have quit drinking alcohol for the foreseeable future! Our team name that week was… The Quizzly Bears!
My best friend’s girlfriend also had a birthday on Christmas Eve, and 5 of us went to TGI Fridays for a meal and drinks. The food was amazing, and the staff sing their version of a Happy Birthday song very loudly and as awkward for the birthday girl or boy as possible haha!
my_collage (41)
What did everyone get for Christmas?! I received 4 board games (Monopoly, Eggheads, Sort it Out and Mapominoes). 3 different sets of socks. 2 books (Phillip Pullman : Ruby in the Smoke and Prince of Mist : Carlos Ruiz Zafron). 1 Emma Watson Calendar. 0 DVDs! (Shock!)
I got my Dad a onesie which he loves (among other things) and my Mum a kindle (I’ll be borrowing that I think!) And I also had a hand in my Dad’s present to my Mum- a digital photo frame, where I took photos of photos from old family albums including their wedding day, and created a slideshow for her for when she turned it on.
Christmas dinner was fantastic- ate too much (who doesn’t?)
Spent most of the day with my parents and we visited my brother, his fiance and their 10 month boy. πŸ™‚ Playing with all of his toys…and the boxes.

New Year
I went to two house parties, played Cards Against Humanity, table foosball, watched fireworks and got heavily drunk (the, I drank a whole bottle of vodka drunk!). Then spent 75% of New Year’s Day in bed. Then I subsequently completed a 5,000 word essay on Classical Athens and Sparta for university in essentially a day. I am now knackered and looking forward to get back to reading, watching films and blogging!

Currently reading |Β Stephen King : Misery
I actually began reading this shortly before Christmas, but this was a bad idea given how busy this period is for me, so I have only managed to read here and there and I am currently about half way through. I am enjoying it so far.


Please share some of your recent posts in the comments section.
They can be reviews, award posts, tags, photography, or anything you want to share. πŸŽ† Happy New Year everyone!Β πŸŽ†

8 thoughts on “First 2016 Post!

  1. Happy new year! What’s mapominoes?! (Please not say dominoes on a map!) I see your Monopoly and raise you Game of Thrones monopoly! That was our board game awesomeness πŸ™‚ Think most peeps have taken time off over Chrimble though – and so they should too. Mince pies don’t get eaten by themselves!

    • It’s basically European countries as the dominoes, and you place each card next to a country that borders it. I think it would be better to google it!
      Game of Thrones Monopoly!! I NEED that! πŸ™‚

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