Fargo Season 2 Review: More than ‘okay’!

Fargo Season 2 Review

5 / 5

The best thing that I have watched this year!

I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Fargo. Second season syndrome is common in plenty of TV programmes, case in point the second season of True Detective. Which for me, seemed too laborious and slow in comparison to the breathtaking first season starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Season 2 of Fargo is just as good as the first season of both Fargo and True Detective in my opinion. The storyline is unwaveringly addictive, the characters are developed well and the action scenes are wonderfully crafted.


The second season of Fargo is set in Luverne, Minnesota, a small town east of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, during the winter of 1979. The season will depict the violent Sioux Falls Massacre referenced in season one. It is dark comedy-crime drama which follows the Blumquist couple who are attempting to cover up a hit-and-run and murder of Rye Gerhardt. Rye himself had committed three murders himself, and these two events bring in State Trooper Lou Solverson to investigate, while the Gerhardts are subject to a takeover of their territory from the Kansas City Mob.


The first aspect of Fargo that I will discuss and praise is the incredible music choices that were made. Every episode, every scene in fact, had a fantastic score of music attached to it. Those responsible for the music choices and for integrating it seamlessly into the show seriously need an award. I have never before watched a TV show that has perfectly suited music so consistently.

Here is AV Club’s interview with the music supervisor for the second season of Fargo, Marguerite Phillips. It is a very interesting read and many of the choices are discussed at length which gives great insight into the thought process behind music choices and how they fit it with a particular scene.

I have also included a list of songs used throughout the season.

Fargo 2


I can’t fault a single actor in this. Kansas City mobster Mike Mulligan (Bokeen Woodbine), State Trooper Lou Salverson (Patrick Wilson), Dodd Gerhardt (Jeffrey Donovan), Karl Weathers (Nick Offerman) and Peggy Blumquist (Kirsten Dunst) were my pick of the bunch, but the whole cast were exceptional.

Notable acting scenes:
Nick Offerman arriving drunk at the Police Station before talking to the Gerhardts outside the building.
Jeffrey Donovan in the Blumquist’s basement as he searches for Peggy.
Bokeen Woodbine, any scene where he is quoting someone.
Patrick Wilson, whenever he is face-to-face with the Gerhardts or the Kansas City mob.
Kirsten Dunst in the cabin, when on the run from everyone.

Best Episode

The Castle. Episode 9 is the result of the huge build up in tensions between the Gerhardt family and the Kansas City mob who are battling for the same territory, and you throw into the mix the Blumquist couple who have gotten themselves tied up in very messy business, culminating in the famous Sioux Falls Massacre. Every single second of that episode was breathtaking. The split-frame shots which were characteristic of the show in general were great in showing simultaneous action while not distracting the viewer from the other, and episode 9 has plenty of action vital to the storyline.

Vanity Fair have done a very intriguing piece about this incredible episode, and they have played particular focus to the mysterious, supernatural element that is crucial in this episode as well as the first episode.

Fargo 1


Fargo has won Best Television Programme of the Year at the AFI Awards, seeing off Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, Mr Robot, Homeland and Empire. It is also up for fourteen other awards, with many more to be announced in future for certain.

This is the best TV show I have seen this year by far, beating Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Broadchurch and Doctor Foster. P. S. I do need to catch up on plenty of TV shows though!

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