Jurassic World

Jurassic World Film Review

3 / 5

Disappointingly Overhyped.

Jurassic World, the biggest film of the year so far after bringing in a staggering $1.7bn through box office sales. However, despite that impressive figure, the film doesn’t live up to the billing. Predictable, cliched and with plot holes abundant, Jurassic World is a poor example of why rebooting a film franchise is not always a good idea. 

Jurassic World

I was really looking forward to watching the film, especially after hearing some of my friends and people on Twitter speak so glowing about it, but it was disappointing, and the best thing to come out of it was the funny parodies of the scene where Chris Pratt’s character is in a stand-off with the raptors.

I will start with the list of issues I had with the film, which is a lengthy one. The most incredible one is: How does she manage the entire film by just wearing a skirt and high heels?! She is running over fields, mud and puddles like Usain Bolt! Claire (Bryce Howard Dallas) along with her two nephews Gray and Zach, make for the three most annoying characters in the film. At the beginning of the film I was doubting whether they were brothers at all. The older brother seems to hate everything his younger brother says, wears and does, except when the Indominus Rex (the new genetically created attraction for the theme park) is chasing them, and he turns over a new leaf. The film also uses the “younger brother nerd”, “older brother only interested in girls” cliche which is frustrating from the outset. The pair feature in many of the implausible aspects of the film, in particularly the scene following the closing down of all the rides. Not only could two teenage boys control the pod when the park is in a lock-down, but when Claire phones them scared out of her mind and urgently asking them where they are, the signal of course is lost at the crucial moment again (the scene in the Indominus’ cage does exactly that). Despite the rides closing down and a frantic call with their Aunt Claire, the older brother decides to go off on an adventure! Their adventure takes them to a homage to the original Jurassic Park (one of several instances) where they find a car. This is very convenient as the older brother just happened to mention a time where he fixed up a car, before using a scant amount of tools that have been left there which take them away from Owen and Claire who just miss them. A fascinating point I would also like to mention was the scene where the brothers jumped off a waterfall, then moments later when they are walking around they are both bone dry and their hair is not wet. How can they instantly get dry and sort their hair out when they are in a Costa Rican jungle?

The CGI dinosaurs were an impressive feature of the film, with the Indominus Rex a particular brilliant concoction which is remarkably intelligent. The Indominus’ intelligence is demonstrated through the lowering of its own body temperature to fool the humans into thinking it had escaped the cage, which is made all the more remarkable in that the dinosaur knows all about the concept of thermal imaging cameras. Obviously! It also has the ability to camouflage, yet only uses it once in the film.

Chris Pratt gives a good performance amid some pretty shoddy acting. most notably Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Claire, who predictably went from career-obsessed single woman who doesn’t need a man, to a woman who magically shows signs of being envious of mothers as well as falling for Owen’s (Pratt) banter, in a typical opposites attract coupling. Owen’s character is at the centre of a massive plot-hole. Hoskins, a shady Security Operations guy who wants to use the raptors in military warzones, threatens that his plan will go ahead with or without Owen’s help, yet Owen is the only person that has a respectful relationship with the raptors. If Owen rejects Hoskins and the plan goes ahead, the plan will fail! Talk about an empty threat!


Now that I have blurted out all of my misgivings about the various parts that I disliked about the film, I will end it on a high note! I was genuinely impressed with the overall CGI. The theme park scenery was realistic and well thought out, the dinosaurs were breathtaking, especially the underwater and main attraction Mosasaurus. No doubt the kids will remember this with the same fondness that the youngsters remember the original film. One particular image that stayed with me was when the younger brother opened the balcony doors of his hotel room to see the park in all of its splendour. Chris Pratt also gives a competent performance, and his genuine affinity with the raptors is the high point in terms of acting shown throughout the whole film. Hopefully, for the planned sequel that he has signed up for, he has a film that is superior than this one and that can showcase his talent, which is what kept the film going as well as the CGI. This is film that Jurassic fans will probably want/need to see, but for those that have yet to see it, don’t get your hopes up…

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