Matt Damon Tribute

Matt Damon Tribute

Matt Damon turns 45 today!

my_collage (18)

I would have done a comedy skit with Matt Damon to celebrate his birthday with hilarious sketches of roles he has done throughout his career but James Corden beat me to it! I suppose we’ll have to make do with a blog post about him! Check out the James Corden skit when you have time, it is great fun.


His greatest achievement in the film industry is when Damon and his best friend Ben Affleck won the 1997 Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Writing for Good Will Hunting, where he was also nominated for Best Actor. He has been nominated 86 times and has won 24 various awards, and he has also earned and received the prestigious honour of a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in 2007 (the 2,343rd person to receive one). He has also won 2007 People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive titled.

Matt Damon Will

Damon has featured in critically and commercially successful franchise films such as the Bourne Trilogy (another installment is being filmed at present!) and the Ocean’s Trilogy. He has also featured in many similarly successful films such as; Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Departed, Invictus and television-film Behind the Candelabra.

Matt Damon Gif

Here is Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Acceptance Speech for the Best Original Screenplay 1997:

Some Matt Damon Trivia

– He shed 30lbs and learned to play the piano for his role in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

– Quit smoking after undergoing hypnotherapy.

– Dropped out of Harvard, 12 credits short of graduating in a degree in English.

– His films have racked in over $2.5bn at the box-office, which places him as one of the top ten actors in leading roles. (As of October 2014)

Humanitarian Work

Damon has done a lot of humanitarian work for various non-profit organisations and charitable foundations that are involved with various causes such as water resources, prevention of mass atrocities, the fight against AIDS and poverty, children’s welfare and global hunger-relief. He was the founder of the H2O Africa Foundation which merged with WaterPartners to create the charity. He is also a founder of Not On Our Watch Project along with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle among others. And Damon has also appeared in advertising campaigns for the ONE Campaign.

Matt Damon was awarded UNICEF’s Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award in 2013, the Crystal Award 2014 for his humanitarian, social and environmental work, and the Joel Siegel Award for his work with

Jimmy Kimmel “Feud”

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have become a bit of a comedy double-act as their fictional hatred between each other has spanned over 10 years which began when there was a bad night of guests on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and Jimmy said “apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time” for a bit of laugh. However, the producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live! liked it and told him to carry on using it for the subsequent shows, thus culminating in a long running gag that has produced many hilarious moments.

Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time

F***ing Matt Damon

F***ing Ben Affleck 

Matt Damon Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

Matt Damon Martian

The Martian and Bourne 5

With The Martian now in cinemas worldwide and the brilliant reviews from critics and audience members alike, it looks like Damon has another fantastic film that can join the list mentioned earlier in this post. It is no suprise given the success of the book that it is based upon, the stellar cast, Ridley Scott as director and the huge promotion that the film has received.

And of course, the hotly anticipated return of Jason Bourne in 2016 in the new Bourne film which is at the moment titled as Bourne 5. Here is an exclusive photo from the set of the film. Matt Damon Bourne

Let me know in the comments section your favourite Matt Damon film, an underrated film of his or one that you just want to mention. I’ll leave you with a gif from his all time best performance…Eurotrip!

Matt Damon Eurotrip

7 thoughts on “Matt Damon Tribute

  1. Wow, that acceptance speech clip was a blast from the past. Thanks for that!!
    Btw, check out Jimmy Kimmel’s YT channel for the latest in the Damon-Kimmel feud. They went to couples therapy!!!

    • Yeah, the therapy video is pretty funny. I’m subscribed to Kimmel’s channel and I’m always waiting for the next installment of the Damon-Kimmel feud!

  2. Having just read Unschooling Momma and Poppy’s comment – same here! You have some great posts – I will need to keep an eye on the time ;).

    Matt Damon being 45 makes me feel older than *me* being 45! Lots of respect for this guys work, and it’s great to read more about him – thank you 🙂

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