Songs I Am Currently Listening To Vol. 5

Songs I Am Currently Listening to Vol. 5

Another edition of the songs that I have been listening to recently. The list of artists, bands and performances include Seth MacFarlane’s BBC Proms performance, Frank Sinatra classics, X Ambassadors providing some alternative rock, Walk The Moon, The Score, Lost Frequencies, Eric Hutchinson and a couple of songs from Les Miserables. All links go to a YouTube video of the song. Enjoy!

Seth MacFarlane- I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Seth MacFarlane has displayed his singing ability countless times on Family Guy as well as other singing events and even briefly in his Ted movies. So it is no surprise to see his fantastic renditions of the one and only Frank Sinatra at the Sinatra dedicated BBC Proms 2015 segment. Here are his renditions of Come Fly With Me and Let’s Face The Music and Dance.

Seth PromsFrank Sinatra- I Love You Baby 

Following on from Seth’s performance at the BBC Proms, I listened to some Sinatra classics which I haven’t listened to for a while. Still love listening to them. That’s Life and My Way are two others that I had on repeat recently.


X Ambassadors- Renegades

A unique sound is a pretty good way of describing the X Ambassadors that are part of the alternative rock music genre. Their debut album was released this year with notable tracks such as Renegades, Jungle and personal favourite track of mine Lowlife. They have also collaborated with amazing Imagine Dragons.

walk the moonWalk The Moon- Shut Up and Dance

It is impossible not to like this song … or dance to it! It is also a creative music lyric video that I like.

The Score- Oh My Love

Another happy song which has appeared in the background of lots of television adverts of late. Oh My Love is a very catchy and something to play on a summer’s day when you’re outside having a BBQ.

Lost Frequencies- Are You With Me

A song popular at the moment in the charts and in nightclubs. Catchy. Repetitive.

Les Miserables- On My Own Les Mis On My Own

Les Miserables is one of my favourite things of all time. The story. The music. The singing. Everything. This week it was on Channel4 and even though I have it on DVD I still watched it. Instead of highlighting the most well known songs, I have decided to pick a couple that are not given as much credit than they should. Red And Black is the other one that I have picked this time.

Red and Black

Eric Hutchinson- Tell The World

This song plays in the background of the new Windows 10 advert and the brief glimpse of it in the advert made me try and find out what the cool and catchy background music is. A nice easy listening song that can put a smile on your face.



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