Songs I Am Currently Listening to Vol. 4

Songs I Am Currently Listening to Vol. 4

This volume’s list includes songs from Coasts, Catherine McGrath, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sam Cooke, James Bay, Tinie Tempah, John Newman, Years and Years, Ed Sheeran and The Cab. Hope you enjoy listening to them! 🙂

Coasts- A Rush of Blood

A band that I’ve recently discovered is called Coasts. They have some great songs that are musically very good and have a cool alternative rock/ indie pop vibe. If you are into that sort of music and liked A Rush of Blood, then be sure to check out Oceans and Tonight.

Catherine McGrath- Holy Ground 

Catherine McGrath

In every version of this post so far I’ve included cover artists, and this one is no different. Catherine is a talented and beautiful girl from Ireland, and she does covers of Taylor Swift as well as some others like The Vamps, 5SOS and more. In this one she is accompanied by her sister in this cute cover of Holy Ground. Please do check out some more of her covers, especially if you are a fan of Taylor Swift, as she has an amazing voice and her covers more than do justice to the originals. It’s hard to pick some favourites as there are so many but I’ve whittled it down to Hey Stephen, Say Something and Blank Space.

The Beatles- Eight Days a Week

I went to see a band with my parents that perform 50’s and 60’s music, and this is one that they play which gets everyone dancing and is incredibly catchy. Bad Moon Rising and Another Saturday Night are also a couple of the songs that everyone knows and they also provide the chance for drunken people over 50 to sing and dance … with hilarious results!

The Beatles
James Bay- Let it Go

James Bay

He has featured already in one of my lists, but he has been a favourite of mine for a while now. This was the first single he released. My all time favourite song of his is Scars, as well as the single that brought him national attention and coverage: Hold Back The River. If You Ever Want To Be In Love and Move Together are also favourites of mine.

Tinie Tempah ft Jess Glynne- Not Letting Go

John Newman- Come And Get It 

Years and Years- Shine

New singles by Tinie Tempah, John Newman and Years and Years are the songs that have caught my ear (Is that an expression?!) recently. Not Letting Go’s inclusion is mainly down to the Jess Glynne part as she has become the Adele/Emeli Sande/Sam Smith of 2015. John Newman’s distinctive voice is one I quite like, and this song doesn’t change that. Years and Years’ Shine is also another decent song of theirs following on from their success of their past singles.

Ed Sheeran- Firefly

I’ve been listening to a lot of older Ed Sheeran songs recently, such as; Everything You Are, Miss You and Autumn Leaves. Of course there are plenty more great songs that are on Sheeran’s earlier albums, but these are the ones in my head at present. There are plenty more Ed Sheeran songs that people have made lyric videos for, and they are very creative in design so be sure to check them out if you are a fan of his.

The Cab- Bad

It has been a while since I listened to some music from The Cab but I somehow came across some of favourites of theirs by accident, and I have been listening to them quite frequently lately. The “Bad” video is more appealing to the guys if you catch my drift. An Angel With A Shotgun and Take My Hand are also some of my favourites from them.



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