Martin, You Bloody Bastard!!!

Game of Thrones Season 5 Review

4 / 5


Despite everything that the 5 seasons of Game of Thrones has thrown up, the ending of the season 5 finale has rattled me a lot. I was left staring blankly and open mouthed at the black screen with the credits blinking and I barely registering them. Since then I have been pacing around my living room frantically muttering; “No no no no no no … this is ridiculous!!! He was one of the bloody main characters!!!” before venting my frustration on Twitter, and after sending an angry tweet, I resumed the pacing and shaking of head, exasperated exhales of breath and grumpily moaning; “I’m not having that. I’m not having that!! Why?! Why Martin?!! Whyyyyy?!!!!”

GOT5 jon snow

This is probably the most unreviewish kind of blog post I will do, purely because I am typing this 30 minutes after witnessing a travesty of a finale! My favourite character Jon bloody Snow has been killed off! He was a hero! He was a good guy! He had a catchphrase about him! AARGHHHHH!!!!!!

I will try and put emotions aside for the duration of this post, and write up a proper season review.

Winter looks like it is actually coming! All the North people’s low voices warning of the impending winter and longest night looks like it is actually coming. Mid-season had a few flakes of snow falling from the air, but when Jon Snow 😦 ventures North to get some Wildlings and Stannis marches to Winterfell, the snow seems to be coming down very heavily all of a sudden. And combined with the advancing numbers of White Walkers in episode 8 then the next season and probably the one after that will see them getting nearer and nearer towards the Wall and the Seven Kingdoms.

One of the biggest talking points this season was one particular scene between Sansa and Ramsey with a watching Theon/Reek. Many called out Martin, writers and producers for using rape as a device.  With Martin vehemently defended its inclusion Many websites have refused to cover any more reviews of Game of Thrones because of this. I found this quite weird to be honest, especially as Pulp Fiction is considered one of the greatest and most popular films of all time, it is number 5 on the list of IMDb best films and even Entertainment Weekly said it was the greatest film of all time and it shows a brutal rape and gory murder, while Game of Thrones shows probably less than 10 seconds of ripping clothes and Sansa crying. I am not trying to condone or support either side; all I am saying is that these websites are angry at the Sansa rape scene when they rate Pulp Fiction as their best ever film.

Season 5 has been very steady for episodes 1-7, but the last 3 were more like the Game of Thrones epic episodes that the fans were baying for. The scene in the gladiatorial arena similar to the Roman Colleseum was a fantastic return to form; it also bared some striking similarities to a scene in Star Wars. And many people on social media were wondering how Danaerys managed to ride Drogon with his spine spikes all along his back every inch or so, it must have been a very painful ride!

GOT5 fighting pitGOT5 star wars

We finally got to see some White Walker action in Hardhome (the best episode of the season) and we and Jon Snow witnessed how the dead become more soldiers in the White Walker army. This episode was probably the episode on a par with The Mountain and The Vyper and The Laws of Gods and Men from the previous season.

GOT5 hardhome

I wrote this final paragraph before last night’s episode….

The one thing I love most about Game of Thrones is that everyone is portrayed as being an important character to the storyline and when the end comes, not all of them will be on the winning side. Their is Tyrion, Jamie, Cersei, Jon Snow, Ayra, Sansa, Danaerys and Bran they all seem to be presented as the survivors in Game of Thrones, and when the end finally comes, it will be interesting to see who is still living and who is not.

And putting my reviewing and unbiased hat on for a brief moment, I can see why Martin does what he does, he has managed to create unpredictably and amazing storylines that readers and viewers are utterly awestruck by his work. It is the most frustrating, annoying, amazing and brilliant show on air, and long may it continue. Martin you have created a masterpiece!

P.S. George Martin, if you are reading this, please do not kill of Tyrion, Jamie, Ayra or Danaerys please. You have ruined me!!!

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