Songs I am Currently Listening to Vol. 3

Songs I am Currently Listening to Vol. 3

Another list of songs I have liked and have listened to over the past few weeks. Some are new, some are not. Let me know whether you like a particular song in the comments section. πŸ™‚

Ed Sheeran- Drunk in Love

I’ve watched this quite a bit this year, I thought I would share this video with you all. I watched the videos of him on Jimmy Fallon this week and it reminded me of this gem. This was meant to be hilarious, not utterly brilliant! Ed has a gift of taking any song and putting his own unique spin on it, as evidenced in this and others below.

Ed Sheeran

After seeing him cover songs on Jimmy Fallon; Fetty Wap’s Trap QueenΒ Β and a selection of heavy metal music.Β I remembered another video of Sheeran doing his own thing with other people’s songs, he and Passenger perform an acoustic duet of No Diggity. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

Stereophonics- Best of You (Live)

The Best of You by Foo Fighters is one of my favourite songs, but I also love this cover from the Stereophonics from a while ago. Both are great bands, and both deliver vastly different versions of the same song. Foo Fighters is full of emotion and power, while the Stereophonics is softer but still carries the emotion of the song. I love a good live acoustic cover though!

Both Best of You and Dakota were performed in the Sterophonics’Β local a while ago for a Live Lounge episode. Here is their brilliant Dakota.

Taylor Swift- Bad Blood

The build up to this song was huge and so was the unveiling, setting a new 24-hour record on Youtube for most views. An amazingly attractive line-up brought millions and millions of viewers and here is the end product.

Bad Blood


Gabrielle Aplin- Light Up The Dark

This talented artist has shown a different side to her and produced a different array of music, vastly different from many of her earlier songs.

Boyce Avenue- Losing My Religion

A cover of R.E.M’s classic. Boyce Avenue are again brilliant and give their own acoustic version of a popular and well known song.

Natalie La Rose- Somebody

A very catchy in the charts song. Very much a drinking song when you’re in town going from bar to bar!

Jessie J- Flashlight

The soundtrack for Pitch Perfect 2. (I still haven’t seen it yet!)


Against The Current- TalkΒ Β + Paralyzed + GravityΒ 

Against The Current are a very talented young band that is about to embark on their world tour given their popularity across the world. The Youtube founded band are now signed to a record label, and these three songs see them closer to the music that influenced them. All 3 are brilliant.


The Naked and Famous- Young Blood (Dekade Remix)

With 21 and Over being on Film4 the other day, and this song playing in the ending credits, it gave me a holiday/ summer vibe.


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