Songs I am Currently Listening to Vol. 2

Songs I am Currently Listening to Vol. 2

Another post of the songs that I have listened to recently and really like. The first list of songs is here if you want to look at them and see if you like any of them. I have also included a description accompanying each of the songs. If you listen to or have listened to any of them, please comment below and let me know what you think. Thanks! πŸ™‚

Alice Kristiansen- Dust to Dust (Civil Wars Cover)

Alice, literally has the voice of an angel. Her covers are breathtakingly beautiful, like the girl herself. Her voice is pure magic and the videos are spellbinding. For some covers she begins by talking about anything that is on her mind, some people prefer skipping to the song part, but I find her talking to be as brilliant the song as she lets on to the connection to the song she is about to play, and it shows. Other covers to look out for are Wildest Dreams and Latch. This won’t be the last time she features in my list!


The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition
I chose this song this week as I have recently watched 500 Days of Summer (which will feature in another Short Film Ratings post) and I loved the song and it worked so well with the events of the film. Do give the video in the link a watch, especially those who liked the film.

Mumford and Sons- The Wolf
A different sound for the band, but I really liked this song. They did a great live version on the Graham Norton Show recently. Believe is also a decent song from their Wilder Mind album.

Susie Suh x Robot Koch- Here With MeΒ 
This is a song that I heard on The Blacklist last season and I still enjoy listening to it. It’s a kind of song you can listen to as background noise rather than singing along to.

The Pixies- Here Comes Your Man
Another song that I came into contact with because of 500 Days of Summer. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s drunk version was very good and so is the original.

Gaslight Anthem- Stray Paper
This band is the band I have been listening to the most recently. I love their earlier songs, and I have just started listening to their last album, which has several songs I love on it, in particularly Red Violins, Dark Places and Break Your Heart. Fast becoming one of my favourite bands.

Maroon 5- Love Somebody
Adam’s unusual voice is always a fascination for me. But in Love Somebody it works so perfectly. Not much more needs to be said. Listen to it. That is all.

The Wombats- Greek Tragedy
I roam YouTube from time to time, clicking and listening to loads of bands and artists that I have either not heard of or have heard their name but never listened to them. The Wombats were the latter and when I gave them a listen during one of my long sessions of browsing YouTube and I found Greek Tragedy to be one of my favourites of theirs.

Taylor Swift- New Romantics
I am a swiftie. No description or reason needed. However, her original song is not available on YouTube so you’ll need to buy her 1989 album to hear it. Though there are hundreds of covers, mashups and audio-altered versions on YouTube.

Black and Fallon

Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black- More Than Words
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is brilliant. Though I am from England and I don’t get to watch the broadcasted version of it. YouTube keeps me updates with all the skits, sketches and songs that are performed on his show along with the interviews. This is not only funny but they both sing quite well …


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