Does Anybody Care About Reviews For These Films?

Sorry for the sordid post that’s popped up in your Reader among the eloquent and insightful book reviews, deep and meaningful quotes accompanying a black and white photograph, as well as the funny and devoted people that run fan pages! But I have been in the mood for watching American Teen/College comedy films. I like watching these types of films because I don’t worry about any reviews for them because quite a lot of them are very similar and there isn’t much that comes as a shock. Having said that, some of the hijinks that occur in some of these films are hilarious and also at the same time unbelievable, due to the fact that some writer has thought this up or has based it on personal experiences. It is also quite fun to spot some actors that you become fans of in roles that you wouldn’t expect to see them in. Nod to Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks (all Wet Hot American Summer), Chris Evans, Josh Radnor (Not Another Teen Movie), Matt Damon (Eurotrip) and Neil Patrick Harris (Harold & Kumar).


List of American Teen/College comedy films watched recently:

-Wet Hot American Summer
-Not Another Teen Movie
-The Girl Next Door
-Road Trip
-Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

CuthbertNot Another Teen Moview

Of the list of films above, the only film I had watched before was The Girl Next Door (which I really like!) and I have seen Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle, but for the others this was my first time watching them … and for some, the last! Wet Hot American Summer is being brought to Netflix this year with some of the original cast returning, although it wasn’t a success during its time, it has become a bit of a cult film for others who enjoy this type of genre/ bad films. I’m unsure of whether I’ll watch the Neflix series or not, as the film was okayyyyy … but we’ll see. Not Another Teen Movie was probably the worst film out of all of the films I have watched recently. I wouldn’t advise anyone to watch it unless you have an obsession with this genre of film and want to see Chris Evans and Josh Radnor in a …different role. Nothing more to say about that one.


Eurotrip and Road Trip are both quite a similar, I preferred Road Trip due to the amount of silliness and hilarity of the adventure they embarked upon, though the ending to Eurotrip was quite inventive, but I wouldn’t advise watching it if you are a Catholic! Finally, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, the film has plenty of laugh-a-minute scenes but it also has plenty of moments where you wince at some of the jokes. All in all, I have had a fun week watching films where I am not mentally taxed by complex and emotional Oscar-winning performances from brilliant actors, but instead, relaxing and having a giggle at some of the absurdity that is emitted from these films and shaking my head at some of the indescribable scenes.

Wet HotHaKroad-trip


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