Richard III / Leicester Cathedral Visit


Now that the queues have died down a bit at Leicester Cathedral I thought I would wander down there to see the tombstone of Richard III, the last Plantagenet King and also the last British monarch to die in battle (Battle of Bosworth). As I am lucky enough to come from Leicestershire and having worked at the Leicester Cathedral for a year, I felt it would be an opportunity missed if I did not go down on Bank Holiday Monday in the glorious sunshine to visit the person that has given Leicester worldwide attention. When I worked at Leicester Cathedral a few years ago, he had just been discovered by Leicester University archaeologists in a car park across the road under a space marked with an R! Though I left to do other things, I still found out information of the progress and debate surrounding his reinterment as I am also studying at Leicester University and I remain friends with some people at the Cathedral. The past couple of weeks has been great for the city, with not only comprehensive television coverage by Channel 4, but also with the enormous amount of visitors from all over the world to see this historic event. We also haven’t been short of celebrities and royalty! I also should mention that besides the Richard III Exhibition Centre (haven’t visited yet as I had seen the temporary one last year), other neighbouring museums are also feeling an impact. Case in point, The New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, which I also visited today. They have received Richard III’s Book of Hours and also a painting of the Battle of Bosworth among other items from museums and cathedrals. In a slightly related and unrelated note, for people in the UK and Leicester in particularly, there is a program on tonight called Code of a Killer which is a docu-drama about the first case in which DNA was used to catch a killer, which was engineered by the University of Leicester.

DSC_0310DSC_0309DSC_0307Cumberbatch & Harrison

6 thoughts on “Richard III / Leicester Cathedral Visit

    • Thank you!
      I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the coffin which he is buried in was designed and made by the man who is the last living descendant of Richard III. The fact that he was carpenter was just an added bonus. 🙂

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