A Few More Short Film Reviews

A Few More Short Film Reviews

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for quite a while! I have been busy doing university assignments including a residential to Worcester College, Oxford. I am currently reading mainly historical and critical books concerning Ovid, Shakespeare as well as the histories of English, American and French revolutions, therefore I haven’t really had the time to read any novels recently. However, I have watched some films recently, so I’ve made the effort to do another short film ratings blog post. Here are some reviews of films that generally I have wanted to watch for a while and have only just got round to them!

When Harry Met Sally 4.25 / 5

Top of the films I have wanted to watch for a long time but somehow, never actually getting round to watching it was When Harry Met Sally. I loved the film from start to finish including the famous “restaurant scene”. 😉 The film was funny, down-to-earth and thought provoking, especially concerning the concept that the film is set around: Can men and women ever just be friends?

Billy Crystal (Harry) and Meg Ryan (Sally) play two characters that are poles apart personality-wise, but their lives converge at varying points after journeying to New York City together. The film follows the pair through relationships, break-ups and friendship. Lovely film. 🙂

When Harry Met Sally

Sliding Doors 4 / 5

One of the best concepts for a film I have ever seen, and one which every person has thought about at some point in their life. What if?

Sliding Doors follows the life of Helen (Gwenyth Paltrow), in two different lives. In one life she makes it time to board the Underground train and subsequently catch her boyfriend in bed with another woman, which leads to a break-up and then she begins seeing James (John Hannah). But in the other life, she misses her train home; therefore her boyfriend’s infidelity is missed. Both lives are different but also share some similar themes and events. A brilliant film that concerns the what if moments and fate.

Point Break 3.75 / 5

A cult classic that I have only just watched! Really enjoyed the action sequences, especially the jump from the plane … Wow! Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze were both brilliant in their respective roles and it is easy to see why it has achieved this cult status and why it is to be rebooted this year.

American Psycho 3.5 / 5

American Psycho is a film that people couldn’t believe that I hadn’t watched yet. To be honest though, while the film was interesting and had some well presented ideas surrounding a capitalist and consumerist society, I found the film didn’t quite live up to the hype surrounding it.

Plus the meme of Christian Bale was also another reason for me to watch…


American Beauty 4 / 5

Kevin Spacey is one of my favourite actors of all time, and he is very good in American Beauty playing a middle-aged man who despises much about his life and fantasises about his daughter’s friend. American Beauty has a plethora of themes that are presented with any number of interpretations, which is part of the appeal of the film, especially among the critics. The film follows each of the characters as they deal with their own inner thoughts, ambitions and sexuality in this intriguing film.

A multi-award-winning film that everyone of a certain age and above should watch at some point, as it is a very thought provoking and complex film dealing with issues that concern individuals nowadays.

Clash of Titans 3.75 / 5

An action packed, pulsating, thrill a minute adventure that makes 96 minutes seem to fly by. A stellar cast are brought in for this film concerning the story of Perseus and his attempts to bring peace to Argos and prevent the destruction of the city and its entire population. A must watch for any action film lovers as well those interested in Greek Mythology.


2 thoughts on “A Few More Short Film Reviews

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  2. When Harry Met Sally was the movie where I first fell in love With Meg Ryan. I once watched it on a date, and couldn’t help moaning and gasping whenever Meg would do something… roll her eyes, deliver a line, laugh… my date continually elbowed me in the ribs and got very agitated. No second date for us, but my love for Meg Ryan movies endures to this day

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