The Crucible (Digital Theatre Version)

The Crucible (Digital Theatre Version)

5 / 5

Powerful, brilliant and intense

After the success of The Crucible at the Old Vic Theatre in London, it has been released to some select cinemas in the UK. Having seen it once while in London and absolutely loving it, I had to see the Digital Theatre Version of it when it came to mine and Richard’s hometown, Leicester. And I can confirm it is equally astonishing even on the big screen.


I won’t be going into detail about the story of The Crucible as you can find my original review of it in the link.

I will say that the main difference that I observed between the stage performance and the cinema released version were the close-ups of characters from a variety of angles which you do not get from a theatre. This is the best difference between the two.

But in my opinion, you simply cannot beat the experience and atmosphere of sitting in the theatre and watching the action unfold in front of your eyes. The absence of the smoke/steam effects and the usage of the stage and surrounds is understandably missing, therefore, the cinemagoers were unable to have that intense experience that came with a stage performance.


 One last word, Armitage, Colley, Ellis and Schiller were the standout performances for me, and the close-ups helped show their immense acting abilities as their emotions could be seen in immaculate detail. Reverend Hale (Schiller) and Deputy Governor Danforth (Ellis) gave powerful performances and their speeches/monologues in the second part were sensational and they left the audience in silence. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for any further releases of The Crucible, either on DVD, digital format or any other.

Utterly breathtaking.   




5 thoughts on “The Crucible (Digital Theatre Version)

    • Oh brilliant – my phone was unable to scan the QR code from the screen in the cinema, so this is much appreciated.
      And also – fully agree with your assessment of CrucibleonScreen. The theatre experience is unbeatable, but this is the next-best thing!

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  2. I was actually alive and cognizant during the McCarthy Hearings which Arthur Miller based The Crucible on. It holds up over time. Could easily be referencing the Bengazi Hearings happening in the US today. Great review and post.

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