Bloody Brilliant

The Blood of Olympus

4 / 5

A heroic conclusion to the battle versus Mother Earth.

The concluding chapter of the Heroes of Olympus series and an end to the world of Greek Mythology that has spanned 10 books, The Blood of Olympus proves to be all that we hoped for in this thrilling finale. The seven prophesised demigods aboard the Argo II continue their quest to thwart the rising of Gaia and to stop her from destroying the Earth as they know it. Nico, Reyna and Coach Hedge attempt to shadow-travel the Athena Parthenos from Rome to Camp Half-Blood, to prevent a war between the Greek and Roman demigods. They have until the 1st August to complete both quests…

Journeying around the Peloponnese to their final destination, Acropolis, the demigods inevitably encounter trouble as they seek to find ingredients for a Physician’s cure and information or help in their quest to defeat Gaia. They find themselves pitted up against Gods, Goddesses, Giants, Monsters and all manner of nasty things, as they gradually make their way closer to the scene that awaits the spilling of the blood of Olympus.

The responsibility of transporting the 40-foot statue of Athena takes its toll on Nico. He exhausts himself through his shadow-travel ability, and he becomes more and more vulnerable to becoming a shadow himself if he continues. Reyna, through this quest and shared experiences develops a good friendship with Nico, and she uses her trait of giving strength to Nico to ease his burden and to help make the shadow jumps to the next location. However, at every location they run into trouble, especially as they are being hunted down by Orion.DSC_0270


With all this excitement happening , it is also mixed with dread and foreboding at Half-Blood Hill, where Octavian has amassed a huge army of Romans, mercenaries, monsters and to top it off onagers that are primed to fire on Camp Half-Blood, which would destroy it in one fell swoop, and perhaps the Romans once the Greeks have been conquered.

Riordan has brought all the lines of the prophecy to within his grasp, leaving two lines left to be fulfilled in this quest to defeat Mother Earth and her minions. “To storm or fire the world must fall. An oath to keep with a final breath,” With each passing chapter and page, we get closer to the conclusion of the story and to what these lines mean and who they apply to.

* Spoilers From This Point On *

In my honest opinion, I felt that this book just missed some unpredictability or a sense that Gaia and her forces were truly going to wreak havoc. This moment has been building for five books, and I felt that the conclusion was dealt with too quickly and swiftly, and the outcome of everybody’s lives decided so suddenly. And in comparison to the finale of The Last Olympian, there was no real sense of impending doom or colossal battle; the Giants and Gaia were swept aside far too easily for my liking considering the thousands of pages of build up to her wakening.

Another issue I disliked was the distribution of the POV’s, the book reminded me a lot of The Lost Hero, due to the fact that there was a lot of focus on Jason, Piper and Leo’s characters, while Percy, Annabeth, Frank and Hazel didn’t get a chance to tell the story aboard the Argo II. Fans of the series may have felt some regret that Percy didn’t feature much in the exciting finale, especially as most readers have followed his story since The Lightning Thief. Granted, this is the Heroes of Olympus series, and he was a main character in House of Hades, but I felt he needed to be more involved, particularly as it says on the front cover “Percy Jackson’s Final Battle Begins”. And even when he was involved he wasn’t the brilliant fighter or leader that he has grown up to be. He was throughout this book, being saved, either by Jason, Leo, Hazel or Poseidon. Also, I was hoping for a more heartbreaking finale for Percy and Annabeth (with a happy ending of course), but instead, they battled; they survived, happy ever after. Even the blood ceremony involving the pair was short and anticlimactic. Again, I thought their story was concluded all too quickly, and the pair were all too frequently on the periphery in this book in comparison to House of Hades, which I felt was a better and more exciting novel.

Anyway, moving on …

Leo. The cunning little devil of the Argo II. Riordan left plenty of hints of his intentions of how Leo would fulfil the prophecy, destroy Gaia and for everyone to live happily ever after. From his incessant tinkering within his ship, the crystal, pocketing the Physician’s cure, Asclepius’s reaction as well as the looks shared by those he had told of his intentions. I wouldn’t want to spoil the ending for anyone, but I think anyone who is a fan of the books has a pretty good idea of where this is going.

Despite some issues I have with finale, (I’m sure everyone had envisaged how they wished the story to end); I thoroughly enjoyed The Blood of Olympus and the Heroes of Olympus series in its entirety. The thrilling quests that they have undertaken to battle Monsters, Gods and Giants, as well as the quest to become the person they were meant to be was something I have loved reading, and will continue to read as Riordan’s books have earned a special place on my shelf and in my heart.  

17 thoughts on “Bloody Brilliant

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you on the point of views. I think the issue is that we devoted ourselves to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, which was told completely from Percy’s POV, so we were close to him and felt we knew him. In The Heroes of Olympus series you don’t really get to know the characters as well because they change and you have to adjust. I loved both series, but in this one I just wish we could have had more time with Percy, Annabeth, and the rest of the Camp Half-blood crew since it may be the last.

  2. Faar more concise and definitely more tune with what a book review ought to be like.

    I hope you do more reviews. Would definitely like to read more of them.


  3. I also agree that, in general, there seemed to be feeling that all of the seven would survive (unlike The Last Olympian, where we genuinely feared for some of secondary characters) and there was also a sense of loss due to the casualties which was missing here again. The demigods who lost their lives were just brushed aside.. And yes, even I would have liked some heartbreaking stuff with Percy and Annabeth but with a happy ending of course :p

    • One more thing I thought could have been done differently is the way they defeated Nike and Kym by childishly talking out of a situation rather than outfighting or out-thinking them.
      “Action figures” and “Adidas trainers” were lines I wished Riordan hadn’t used. :s

      • True.. I think that overall Heroes of Olympus catered to a slightly older audience but it’s lines like that that give me pause. Suddenly I’m not so sure..

      • But you know percy jackson’s is supposed to be 17? Then maybe he can be a little bit silly while saving the world.

  4. I was also a bit disappointed when I saw that neither Percy nor Annabeth would get their own POV. But I understand why, they got their say in The House of Hades. I will really miss this series, but I did love the storyline of The Blood of Olympus; I enjoyed every minute of it. And Leo… I have no words for that guy.

    I can see your point on the battle; it’s indeed true that they’ve been building up for 5 books and that it then seemed a bit disappointing. I think that with Percy Jackson & the Olympians, the final battle was much more important than the way they got there. I feel as though in the Heroes of Olympus, he was more focused on how they got to that point, and how every character has changed.

    Great review!

  5. While I really really loved this book I feel I am also biased, because I grew up loving Percy Jackson so much and tend to refuse to believe there to be any flaw in Rick Riordan’s writing. However, I definitely felt there was a lack of tension and build up to the final battle, which did end a little too quickly and nicely. I also would have loved more Percy and Annabeth, and a more heartbreaking scene with them that ended in their happily ever after. Mainly, I guess I don’t feel like Percy would have sat out as much as he did, it felt very out of character for him. My favorite parts were definitely the Nico and Reyna chapters, especially the chapter with the creepy Bryce.
    Anyways, you really raise some good points and great review! =)

  6. This was great! Also the first review I’ve read that notices how obvious Leo’s plan was while stubbornly skirting around proper explanation for most of the book. Becsuse of it, I didn’t feel anything when certain spoilerific tragedy happened because I felt he’d be okay. I feel like if Leo tried to undergo his plan, but the Greeks of the seven intervened, resulting in a better battle and death, it would be more exciting.

    But reading your review reminded me: this story (as the internet keeps trying to say) isn’t Percabeth’s. But does that mean it’s only Piper, Jason and Leo’s? The series starts and ends with them. Maybe that’s why I feel so cheated in the end…

    • Thanks. 🙂

      I can see your point about Jason, Piper and Leo.

      A thing that I share with quite a few people seems to be the disappointment over how quickly everything panned out. Gaia seemed to do more damage/ mischief while sleeping, than she did after her awakening.

      I will keep an eye out for your formal review of BoO. 🙂

  7. Yeah, poor Percy and Annabeth got demoted in this book. They really didn’t get to do much that was heroic. I wanted to see another hurricane! It so could’ve been longer! That way all of the demigods would’ve got to play their part. It’s the legend of the SEVEN so it should’ve taken ALL of them, not just the POV characters. (okay I’m done, sorry for mini rant) Nice review 🙂

  8. Awesome review. I have to agree with you the ending really did feel rushed and a lot less epic than the end of the last series. It was a bit of a let down to that not everybody had POV chapters. Plus the very end where you find/infer what everyone’s going to be up to is pretty darn rushed too.

    • Thanks! 😀

      It seems that the general opinion of most people had issues with the ending and the lack of Percabeth. I suppose Riordan will argue that he featured a lot in HoH and he will be in the Greek Heroes book …

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