Into the Storm Review

Into The Storm

3 / 5

Typical disaster film.

As a fan of Richard Armitage, I felt obliged to see his new film even though he himself called the film, “a little bit silly”. Undeterred, I ventured to the cinema with low-ish expectations, especially as it is yet another disaster film, adding to the already saturated genre. My thoughts weren’t improved due to only 8 people came to the cinema to see it! But despite these omens, the film itself wasn’t too bad. The visual effects were very good and it created what someone would think is an authentic feeling of being inside a tornado. But with disaster films, the audience knows that all the main characters will survive and so it proved no different in this film.

Into the Storm is the typical disaster film, and I have seen many newspaper reviews with the tagline, “Twister on steroids”, and it is hard to disagree with them. Twister was perhaps one of the best films of this ilk, not only due to the brilliant visual effects which earned the film Oscar nominations, but also the characters had some focus on them rather than the weather. In this respect, Into the Storm has missed massively. The characters which we are introduced to are not delved into deep enough detail for the audience to feel much for any of them. Perhaps the character that the audience will have the greatest feeling of any kind is for is Donnie. During his distress and anguish of being trapped under a building with water pouring in fast, he records a message for his dad which is perhaps the most emotional moment in the film, with his honest and moving speech about his mother a close second.

Into the Storm Pic

However, Donnie was also the unfortunate recipient of some of the worst lines in the script too. Several times he asks his school crush Kaitlyn while they are trapped together: “Are you okay?” The poor script is added to through the cheesy and standard disaster film lines, especially spewing from Allison and Pete, who are tracking the tornado.

Despite the film’s shortcomings, it does what it set out to do. To be a standard escapist entertainment that would satisfy the disaster film fanatics. I’m sure the devoted Richard Armitage fans will find the film watchable, especially with him sporting a decent American accent and a wet shirt. Would I buy the DVD? No. Would I watch it if it came on TV? Probably.

And on a final note, if you did like this type of film and don’t mind watching a film that is … erm … of decent quality then I would recommend you watching the Sharknado films. If you haven’t heard of them, well … let’s just say, the films suit the comedy genre better than the intended disaster film genre!

6 thoughts on “Into the Storm Review

  1. Nice review, very fair. I am a huge RA fan (of course, who isn’t?!!) and I thought your review was good in that it reviewed the film for what the film intended to be…a summer popcorn disaster movie and not a ‘work of art’. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment. 🙂 Since you are a huge RA fan, be sure to check out my review of The Crucible if you haven’t done so already. Much better than this, and understandably so!

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  3. Having been lucky enough to see the Crucible 3 times I had to keep telling myself RA is very good actor, ITS does him no favours, I expected so much more from the script especially because it has undergone a rewrite I shudder to think how bad it was to start with.

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