More Short Film Ratings

More Short Film Ratings Review

The Wolf of Wall Street 4.5 / 5

Absolutely awesome! The film raced by at an electrifying speed which reflected the style in which Jordan Belfort lived his life. Drugs, sex and money were the central themes of Belfort’s life, and his exciting and crazy shenanigans during his time on Wall Street are unbelievable.

The film glamourises Belfort’s money-laundering and securities fraud that ensured his lifestyle of wild parties, limitless supplies of drugs, dwarf-tossing competitions, and stripper stampedes. And despite the fact that the victims and justice are not given much coverage, no-one would seem to care though, as DiCaprio plays the ‘bad guy’ exceptionally well, with his schemes and scams celebrated in his offices at Stratton Oakmont and in the cinema.

After watching this film you would have wished you could have experienced this sort of lifestyle even if it were just one day!

That Awkward Moment 3.5 / 5

Terrific comedy! Innuendo and witty jokes galore in this American comedy film with a bit of romance rolled in too. Definitely one for fans of Zac Efron and Miles Teller!

There are many laugh-out-loud moments and some hilarious Viagra-related-bathroom-incidents. The 3 guys at similar points in their love life, but they deal with women very differently. However, over the course of the film, they become better friends and boyfriends because of the experiences that they went through.

A typical American comedy set in NYC with 20-something guys struggling in relationships, if you enjoy those types of films, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Life of Pi 4 / 5

The visually brilliant Life of Pi deservedly won 4 Oscars (the most of that year), including one for Visual effects. The story is of a boy called Pi who is on board a ship that is shipwrecked with his whole family drowning, and Pi escapes on one of the lifeboats.

He gives a fantastical account of his tale of surviving 227 days at sea in a boat with a Bengal tiger, to a writer who is interviewing him, and the story is delivered in flashbacks. It is a moving account of this incredible story and at the end of the interview; he gives another less unbelievable account of the shipwreck and asks which the interviewer believes.

The combination of incredible visual effects, brilliant story-telling and an ambiguous ending leads to a brilliant film that is a must-watch!

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