Noah Film Review


3.5 / 5

An epic story perfect for the big screen.

Noah Movie

The visual effects were simply sensational and it was backed up by a storyline of Noah’s life; that many people thought they knew.

Russell Crowe played the role of Noah, he appeared to be the modern environmentalist and God’s servant. He played the complex feelings and motivations of Noah fantastically well and he now will be a generation’s interpretation of Noah. He has had many stirring role throughout his career, this may become another, the deep emotions of Noah and the weight of his responsibility is portrayed beautifully by Crowe, and his relationship to everyone else is different and it feels natural.

With talented supporting actors performing their roles brilliantly, each of them delving further into character which illuminated the individual more than the audience would have arguably have known beforehand. Ham (Logan Lerman) was the misfit child of Noah who feels no-one, especially Noah, is listening to him and his sole want in the world. A girl. This becomes more striking when he goes looking for her the day of the flood. His contempt for Noah is apparent throughout the building of the ark, while on the ark, and once they find land. Lerman plays the role of disgruntled child well, and his envy of brother Shem (Douglas Booth) and Ila’s (Emma Watson) relationship is the thing that defines him.

Emma Watson in perhaps her biggest movie post-Potter was very competent in her role as Ila, and without giving too much of her role in the film away, Watson plays a key role in the latter stage of the film and she plays it brilliantly.

The film has been criticised by religious groups for not being true to the original text, but when making a Hollywood-blockbuster-movie the audience expects the film to be a dramatic and cinematic version of the story. It is expected that changes are made to the storyline of a biblical story to meet the demands of the modern audience but also keep the core of the story true to the original. I think they have produced an entertaining and well meant film.

I would say that this is probably the film to watch at the cinema due to the amazing visual effects, and the breathtaking moment when the flood arrives. If you have a big telly, get on LoveFilm or Netflix or buy it, this is a film made for a big screen.

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