RED Concert

Taylor Swift

RED Concert 2nd February 2014
London, 02 Arena

5 / 5

Taylor played songs from her latest album RED and also her most popular songs throughout her career as well as a terrific duet with BBC Sound 2014 winner, Sam Smith. Her concert was an absolutely fascinating spectacle with an array of costumes, sets, crowd surfing and intimate sharing about the tour and album. She was supported by newly MTV Brand New 2014 winners, The Vamps who played  number 2 hit “Can We Dance” along with new songs that they have only played at the 02 gigs so far.

Her singing, instrument-playing and stage performance was exceptional and well worth it. Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the most talented singers out there and I for one will be keeping a close eye for he next planned tour after witnessing first hand how brilliant she is live.

These are videos uploaded by a friend who sat next to me at the concert as my videos’ sound quality was poor.


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