JLaw on Fire!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Film 2)

4 / 5

Enthralling from first minute to the last minute.

Catching Fire Film

The second film based on Suzanne Collins’ hugely successful book trilogy. The film picks up in the immediate aftermath of the 74th Annual Hunger Games where Katniss and Peeta won. They will now embark on the Victory Tour of the 12 Districts while stirrings of rebellion have begun in other districts.

Katniss attempts to appease President Snow by trying to make her final act in the Hunger Games appear to be an act of love rather than rebellious act against the Capitol. Ructions are caused aplenty as they go on their Victory Tour with confrontations between the Districts and the Peacekeepers.

The film progresses to the Quarter Quell (75th Hunger Games) and this time Katniss and Peeta are entered again as the twist for this year’s competition is that the competitors are comprised of the winners from each of the Districts.

Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in the arena is simply superb, the way she is utterly traumatised by the japperjays copying Prim’s scream is extremely convincing and the audience feel real empathy for her character. Lawrence is also the perfect actress to play the role of Katniss because of the striking resemblance in terms of fighting for a certain beliefs that they are passionate about. Without doubt Jennifer Lawrence will become a multi-Oscar-winning actress and will be involved in many other successful films.

The special effects, CGI team and set designers did an absolutely astounding job for the arena of the Quarter Quell. The way they turned the fictional and imaginative arena of Collins into something realistic and awe-inspiring on the big screen was unbelievable and they deserve great credit for that. One thing that I wondered was whether the ending of the Quarter Quell would live up to the ending in the book and how I imagined in would be. Just so you know, it unequivocally did! Everyone’s jaw dropped in the cinema when the ending came and it was truly brilliant cinema.

Having read the first 2 books and now seen the first 2 films, I can honestly say I will be picking up the third book very soon and the next film can’t come soon enough!

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