Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Alex Ferguson:  My Autobiography

3 / 5

An interesting read for sports fans.


I have been an avid Manchester United fan for most of my life, so when my parents bought this book for my 21st birthday, I couldn’t wait to read this personal account on the one of the most successful managers in world sport.

He covers a wide amount of topics, with many of them containing controversial comments about former players, opposing managers, the press among other things. This widely anticipated and record breaking autobiography has lived up to expectations. Although, I am more of a novel reader, this book particularly appealed to me because it is about something that I am passionate about and was really interested in reading for myself the thoughts and decisions that Ferguson had to make throughout his illustrious career. Though the book has controversial topics discussed, having read it, I feel the press have over exaggerated the comments made about Beckham and Rooney, they seem to have tried to pick ulterior meaning in comments where I believe there is nothing there to infer.

I particularly enjoyed Ferguson talking about a bit of his life in Scotland where he worked in a pub, played football and managed there. He talks about a number of fantastic and hilarious characters who are more fascinating than the high profile footballers. He mentions brilliant stories that are filled with Scottish dialect and slang that made me laugh out loud while reading.

I would highly recommend this book for all Manchester United fans to read, but also to other football and sport fans due to the fascinating life of this man and because he divulges many of his secrets and behind closed doors dealing with players, managers and other men. This book is laid out brilliantly with topics reserved for the interesting topics that everyone wants to know about, i.e. the altercation with Beckham and the boot and Rooney’s transfer saga. There are also some well chosen photos intermittently included after every few chapters.

A must read!

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