Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook (Film)

4.5 / 5


Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence both acted absolutely brilliantly in this enjoyable and funny story which was a huge hit at the box office last year. Pat (Cooper) has been released from a psychiatric hospital and he has moved back in with his parents. He suffers from bi-polar disorder and his estranged wife has taken a restraining order against him. But Pat is determined to show her that he is a fit and capable man who is a much better person and can deal with his disorder.

Pat meets Tiffany (Lawrence) through a mutual friend and they strike an unusual bond between them. Tiffany is recently widowed and they both help each other during a difficult time for the both of them. Through this friendship, Pat is able to communicate to Nikki, his wife, she is willing to see him again once he proves he is trying to become a better person. Tiffany offers him the chance to do this through a dance competition.

Cooper and Lawrence play their roles beautifully, and the relationship that develops between them is one which is dealt with expertly due to precarious and sensitive topic. Director David O. Russell deals with their shared neurosis as part of the relationship very skilfully and despite the sharp rapport that Pat and Tiffany share, their chemistry between them is undeniable.

With 8 Academy Award nominations, 3 BAFTA nominations, 4 Golden Globe nominations along with a huge list of other award nominations. Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of Tiffany and she definitely deserved this accolade for taking on a role of a widowed woman who has endured a tough time. The combination of Lawrence and Cooper was a perfect match and they both performed in my opinion their best acting roles to date. The fun they make at each other’s expense is testament to Russell’s brilliant way of creating humour out of mental illness and marital failure. But the humour is not cruel or insensitive, if anything it brings the duo closer as they become more aware of the extent of each other’s problems. I also found the relationship between Pat and his father (Robert De Niro) quite something to watch and the scenes they share together are acted superbly, therefore it is clear why they both received Oscar nominations.

This film is terrific and the ending is just magical. The cast and crew created something brilliant by making this movie and it deserved all the accolades it received. Highly recommended to  all keen film-goers!

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