A Hell of a Ride-r

Alex Rider Series

4 / 5

Horowitz is brilliant.
Addictive, Pure Class, Action Packed and Suspenseful.

Point Blanc
Skeleton Key
Eagle Strike
Ark Angel
Crocodile Tears
Scorpia Rising

Alex Rider

Alex Rider is a 14-year-old schoolboy who has been unknowingly trained to follow in the footsteps of his father and uncle as a British spy. The reluctant agent appears 9 times and he battles villains hell-bent on power and money. Horowitz is an outstanding writer and he has been very successful in writing novels and screenplay for television shows such as Foyle’s War, Midsummer Murders and Agatha Christie’s Poirot.  

Horowitz is a fantastic writer; every book has his recognisable fast paced style throughout and the missions in which Alex undertakes are brilliantly concocted, relevant and dangerous. And adding the inclusion of villainous power-hungry individuals, inescapable fortresses and brilliant gadgets, it has all the ingredients for a compelling espionage novel. Over the course of the series, the reader undoubtedly becomes attached to Alex and in some ways is more loved than the more famous James Bond, perhaps because Alex is a schoolboy and Horowitz delves deeper into Alex’s character. Horowitz explores a cluster of feelings, thoughts, ideas and emotions that Alex deals with in the series, and how he is often in dangerous and unavoidable positions which he somehow has to escape from by himself. The reader cannot help but to feel sympathy, hope, love and support for him, as he battles not only enemies but also the intelligence services that put him in harm’s way time and time again due to the usefulness of using a spy of his age. Not to mention the skills that he possesses which have either been inherited or from the training he received under the tutorage of his uncle.

Each book has its own qualities which are tied to the place in which they are set, but they are all connected through the unrelenting rapidity of the action which keeps the reader transfixed. The scenes of Alex’s missions takes him through a plethora of countries and deep within them lies enemies and criminals plotting the downfall of the world and of Alex Rider. He travels to London, Cornwall, The French Alps, Paris, Cuba, Russia, South of France, Amsterdam, Venice, New York, Outer Space, South Pacific, Australia, Jakarta, Scotland, Kenya, Cairo and The Sahara Desert. Each destination offers different problems and possibilities for Alex and the mission that he is trying to complete. This is exemplar of spy novels and these locations help to create an atmosphere fit for the secretive work of intelligence work.

If I was to pick a favourite book out of the series, then it would have to be Scorpia Rising, the last book brings the Alex Rider series to a conclusion and Horowtiz does not disappoint with a narrative which has intricate and clever schemes from old enemies. These enemies draw Alex into their web with electrifyingly results. However, every novel has terrifying villains along with exhilarating action and spy-work that is displayed on every page of the fascinating series.

The Alex Rider franchise has sold over 12 million books and Stormbreaker was also made into a film starring Alex Pettyfer. The series is one that I would whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who enjoys espionage novels especially the targeted audience of young adults. I could use copious amounts of superlatives to give you can inkling in to how terrific Horowitz is at creating such imaginative missions and remarkable action that grips the reader and never lets you go until the nail-biting finale.

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