Percy Jackson: Monsters of Hollywood

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters (Film 2)


Utterly unfaithful to the successful and entertaining book series.

Having read the complete series of Percy Jackson books, and enjoying them immensely, I was hoping the films would be able to replicate the books’ brilliance. However, someone has definitely dropped the ball with the Percy Jackson film franchise. The main problem I had with the film was the complete lack of attention to events that happened in the book. Yes, films have to miss or skip over parts that are in the book due to books having more details, but when the story is changed so dramatically I simply could not enjoy it.

Though there were scenes, especially in the finale that were entertaining, and Hollywood’s special effects team did do a good job of creating some awesome scenery and action, I’m afraid that this series of films will be held up against the Harry Potter books to films franchise. And due to the liberties taken with this film I feel it will be classed as a 2nd rate franchise. The kids may enjoy the fast paced and heroic carnage that happens in their quest. But for the adults, who may or may not have read the books, it will not feel engaging and the only thing they will find interesting is the CGI that creates this mythical world.

For someone who has read the books and wants to watch the films in much the same way as they did for books like Harry Potter. I would advise against watching this film, it would be best if you left yourself to imagine the scenes rather than see this unfaithful portrayal of Rick Riordan’s book. If there is a 3rd film, I will make sure I read some reviews first, and if Hollywood continue to change the story and destroy something that could have been magical, I and plenty of other will not be watching.

My tip: read the books and avoid the films.

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