Kick-Ass 2 was really … kick ass!

Kick-Ass 2 Review


A funny and entertaining story of Good versus Evil.

Dave/Kick-Ass, doesn’t want to fight alone and Mindy/Hit Girl has been forbidden from performing her heroic duties by her guardian Marcus. Therefore Dave joins a team of heroes called “Justice Forever”, who are led by Colonel Stars and Stripes who is played by the unrecognisable Jim Carey. The team consists of Dave’s friend Marty, whose hero name is Battle Guy, Dr Gravity, Insect Man, Night-Bitch, and the parents of a missing child named Tommy. This set of unlikely heroes provides comedy moments, especially in their fight scenes, but also in the way they introduce each other to Dave is similar to an AA meeting.

Guardian Marcus wants Mindy to be an ordinary school girl and he tells her to make an attempt at fitting in at high school. There are some funny scenes with the pretty and popular Brooke and her friends and a device which causes vomiting and diarrhoea. But there are also moments where we see the more fragile side of Mindy and that she is still a young girl. As Mindy’s story develops, the audience feel sympathy and become more attached to her, through seeing her anguish at trying not to be a hero due to promises she made to her father and Marcus.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse was a brilliantly funny villain as Chris D’Amico/The Mother F****r. He reinvented himself from the Red Mist hero to his current super-villain after his mother’s death and swears revenge on Kick-Ass for his father’s death. His new super-villain costume is frightening; he wears his dead mother’s bondage gear. A scene that typifies the sense of humour in the film is when The Mother F****r enters a shop to rob the shopkeeper at gunpoint, and he realises that there are no CCTV cameras to capture his villainy, therefore he robs the place anyway while shooting at random objects in the shop, escapes and tweets about it in the car.

The film progresses with the heroes being unable to perform their duties, due to the police clamping down on any costumed hero or villain, because of events caused by Chris D’Amico’s muscle bulging female warrior, Mother Russia. As more and more people get taken down by Chris D’Amico and his cronies, they stir Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and the rest of the heroes into a final showdown with villains.

The criticism I did have with the film was that there were a plethora of characters, and some of them had brilliant one liners, however, due to the high number of characters in the story, they didn’t get much screen time to know them better, especially the villains that Chris D’Amico hired.

It’s a film that I watched a week after its release in a packed cinema with plenty of laughs. And we all walked out smiling and agreeing that it was a very competent sequel to the already successful Kick-Ass.

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